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The Best Ways to Motivate Your Team

· Ross Sanner,Teamwork,Leadership

Self-motivation is a difficult enough task on its own. Stand in front of the mirror. Tell yourself that you matter. Listen to inspirational podcasts. Entire books have been written on the best ways to self-motivate and live the best life that you can.

However, as a business leader, you’re not just responsible for you. You have a team of individuals with their own personalities, needs, and dreams, and it’s up to you to ensure that they function well as a unit and are willing and able to do their work well. As the saying goes, if you get enough pairs of hands together, you can make or break almost anything. Here are the best ways for you to motivate your team in a positive and constructive manner.

Encourage self-development.

Even if your team members aren’t in school or pursuing any sort of training, there’s no reason for them to stop learning. In fact, many may be very receptive to the idea of learning skills that will be relevant for their careers. Whether you provide opportunities to take classes or just provide resources to keep up to date on the latest industry news, and bit of new knowledge can encourage innovation and help your team become continually more talented.

Keep schedules flexible.

Studies show that flexible scheduling can reduce employee stress and improve productivity in the long run. Giving team members the option to work from home yields many tangible benefits when it comes to health and morale. More and more companies are offering remote work options, to the point where it can be considered a nationwide trend.

Create a great office space. 

The physical environment in which one works can be a big motivator. In particular, consider your staff room, the space where your employees go to relax. When work gets stressful, it’s valuable to have a place to unwind, and a good staff room can be instrumental in managing stress and bolstering motivation. Offer nice furniture, a room away from the workspace, and potentially activities such as ping pong. This also provides opportunities for team members to bond organically without your input.

Set goals. 

Company goals are important, but what about personal goals? Team members are more motivated when they have something to work toward. Consider sitting down with them and helping them establish their priorities. If they’re feeling overwhelmed, work to understand their concerns and help ease them of some of their burden, if you can. If there are team-wide goals, be clear about what they are and what steps employees can take to reach them.

Pay employees well.

Discontent with payment is a big cause of employee churn, and companies lose talented workers to companies offering even small increases in pay. Check the standard pay rates for both position and geographic area when setting standards for pay, and consider doing what certain companies, including social media company Buffer, have done and make all pay rates public so that all employees are aware that they are receiving their fair share.


Show your team some love on noteworthy occasions! Even a small gesture can go a long way when acknowledging an employee’s success. Spend time with them in a non-work setting by treating them to dinner or drinks in celebration of a job well done. Even beyond company achievements, recognize your team members for life achievements such as marriages, birthdays, and promotions.

Originally posted on Linkedin.

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